The shelves at Warby parker

Many moons ago, I had several friends that started buying small houses on the westside of Atlanta.  I was living in Chicago at the time and I was amazed at their faith in what was then a far flung outpost.  A few years later, Taqueria del Sol appeared.  Then home furnishing store Bungalow.  When the iconic Bacchanalia moved over, the area had officially arrived.

My dear friend, Christy, introduced us to bartaco a couple years ago and this weekend I visited the Westside location.  When you visit, be prepared for amazing guacamole, small tacos that you should order in quantities and delish desserts like the spiced chocolate pudding {respectable churros, too}.

Before my ceviche, guacamole and grilled corn extravaganza, I walked through the Westside shopping.  I need glasses–for the first time ever–so I was drawn to the Warby Parker space.     From the books curated by cover color to the array of frames, its a lovable, accessible shop.  I have six frames in my online shopping basket–which at $95 each probably sums to what I would spend on one pair at a pricier, more traditional establishment.  Am super excited to get the prescription at my appointment next week and to get my fashionable specs.

My freshman college roommate recommended that I check out Billy Reid  for “Southern fashion”. He’s a Florence, Alabama-based designer.  The aesthetic of the shop definitely works with the entire feel of the Westside development. I passed through his shop and liked a couple dresses and the overall motif, but I did not make a purchase.  This time.

There are a couple of notable spots to dine/drink.  Star Provisions and Bacchanalia have since left the building, but Jeni’s ice cream had a forever long line and Dtox juice bar looked promising.  Brash, the small coffee shop when you enter the main building, makes a fantastic hot chocolate.

Next trip to the Westside and I am dedicating my shopping to the home stores!