I have always considered myself a minimalist, considering textures (in fabrics, metals, woods) in solid colors the way to achieve a layered effect in my living spaces.  Then I saw the front porch at the Richmond Cottage at the Junior League of Miami Designer Showhouse.  Executed by Alicia Kossick from The Polished Coconut in the Grove, the porch was a feast of patterns and prints.  The serene, endless view of the bay from the seating vignettes balanced the abundance of patterns.

Alicia’s style is so warm and inviting and really challenged me to think of how I can incorporate more patterns into my life.  My daughter, Lucy, and I settled upon a gorgeous rainbow striped hammock and the fantastic pink and beige placemats from this post.  Then, there’s the magnificent green drop earring that are just for me!

Beyond her abundant style, Alicia is dedicated to “purveying exceptional handcrafted products for a more just and sustainable planet”.  Bridging the urban sophistication of New York with the folkloric traditions of pre-Colombian cultures, she builds relationships with the indigenous communities where they source products and is uber-committed to elevating an artisan lifestyle. In her store, every item has a story.

And, lucky me, she is my neighbor!