Peacock colors

One of the things that shocked me most when I moved from Chicago to Miami in 2004 was the ubiquity of tropical birds.  From parrots flying overhead to peacocks, what?, walking down my street, our feathered friends in Miami are a brightly-colored, loud-mouthed, big-personalitied bunch.  Perhaps a metaphor for Miami?

Peacocks typically travel in a group, called a party of peacocks, naturally.  Their colors are so vibrant, as my friend, Allison Diaz, captures in the images above, that almost defies belief.  The blues and greens are magnificent–and the feather patterns a designer’s dream.  I love the shades and plumes so much, they were the central inspiration for the logo of the consultancy, Hatched, that I founded with Tyler Witkin.

While Coconut Grove is the most likely habitat for the peacocks and peahens, I see parties in the Gables and Pinecrest almost everyday.  Gotta love Mother Nature.