We are a crazy, sports-obsessed family. Today, our team had a HUGE game. We thought about it for weeks and hoped it would go our way. And, today’s big game had nothing to do with the SEC. Today, we celebrated the pure grit of our 14-year old son. After years of championship games where coaches made decisions driven by nepotism and rejected requests by Tommy to play, Tommy was the starting pitcher for the championship-winning freshman fall ball team. Hell, yeah!!!

In the universe of big games being played today, this series had it all:

  • A semifinal that went extra innings.
  • A walk-off hit from a kid in a slump, while his mom and I talked about his .600 average last year.
  • Bad calls from the officiating staff that never went our way–making the parents go completely mental.
  • Hit batters–ours and theirs.

Today, our son who NEVER gives up was able to bask in the glow of sticking with something hard, of continuing to work when coaches did not see his potential. Today, our boy gave all he had. And, it was more than enough. Best baseball day, ever.