Mine has. When we moved into our home in 2004, we changed the countertops and bought new appliances.  The cabinets were fine–not my favorite, as they were laminated not painted.  They were white, neutral enough, and our budget was limited.  We chose a granite that seemed neutral, and we did what everyone did then: we used the same granite as our backsplash.

Fast forward to 2016 and the granite is so busy that it’s on my last nerve and the cabinets are absolutely falling apart.  Laminate is cracking on a couple of doors and some hinges have become quite temperamental.  I finally convinced my husband that we needed to do something, so we talked to a contractor to get an estimate.  Our budget was not unlimited, and we wanted to avoid overspending.  Our home is a modest 2,100-square feet with three bedrooms, which made a high-end kitchen is an unwise investment. No plans to expand the kitchen, just trade out the broken down bits.

Further, since the old cabinets did not go to the ceiling, we had fallen into the bad habit of putting things on top of the cabinets. All of them.  And, as storage was generally limited, we shoved things wherever we could and even had to store our nice dishes in a cabinet near my office space.  We were a little too much “Sanford & Son” {or Monica’s closet from “Friends”} and a little too little “Fixer Upper”. Overall, we needed a functional overhaul.  My peace of mind was at stake!

As we got closer to our installation, the kitchen just completely gave up.  Entire laminate coverings just popped off of the doors, doors completely came unhinged, and other doors would not stay open.   It’s like it knew a replacement was coming and it did not need to hold it together any longer.

If your kitchen has seen better days, check out Houzz.com for inspiration.

Thank you, old kitchen.  You served us well.  And, goodbye crazy granite.  RIP.