We are all at different places in the evolution of our organizations and have different roles to play in telling the story of our community or social impact.

The world has never needed compelling stories or opportunities for engagement and connection more than right now.  We have an opportunity to make an outsized difference in the individual lives of our current and prospective volunteers and contributors. And, together, we

Here are my top ten things to do if I were just getting started with non-profit marketing and storytelling.

  1. Set a primary storytelling goal and establish a relevant metric.
  2. Identify a target market for your first storytelling effort and gather all of the data you can about that target market.
  3. Develop a list of three questions you would ask during each donor or community partner meeting.
  4. Identify one of your organizational partners and determine how to deliver more messages and experiences to and through them.
  5. Identify the promise that you can make to your donor or your communityand craft a compelling call to action.
  6. Find a colleague that is active on social and test their effectiveness as a primary storyteller.
  7. Identify 3-5 ways to re-purpose the content you create.
  8. Utilize a communications calendar to maximize storytelling effectiveness.
  9. Identify/catalogue your creative and financial assets for storytelling.
  10. Tell your story.

Now, go get started.  And, if I can help in any way, be in touch at carlacrossno45@gmail.com.