Last September my kids, Tommy and Lucy, switched rooms.  Beyond the master suite, we have two bedrooms of completely differing dimensions.  One big, one small.  Not good when your kids are looking for parity in everything.  So, nine-year old Lucy moved out of the smaller room and eleven-year old Tommy moved out of the bigger room.  Lucy was thrilled and, to his credit, Tommy said the new room was “cozy”.

When we made the move, the plan was to use what we had in the way of decor, knowing that a larger house is likely on the horizon and we would want to stash cash to update furnishing in our new digs.  So, we got creative and used something we had a lot of as a wall decoration in Tommy’s new room.  As a big baseball fan, Tommy has dozens of baseball caps.  Voila!  Three rows of three baseball caps and decorating problem solved.  My hubby hung nine nails, and now Tommy can hang whichever hats strike his fancy on the nails.  So, while it’s normally teams from the National League East, we never know when an LA Dodgers or Chicago Cubs hat might make the wall.

While our baseball cap solution is no where near as chic, check out a recent Architectural Digest feature about using hats, scarves and totes as decor.