Add pentas! During our recent spring break trip to Washington, DC, visiting the Smithsonian was top of our list.  A family could spend weeks visiting all of the amazing and FREE museums in our nation’s capital. Our  visit to The Museum of Natural History was a favorite.   There are gems and crystals, a giant shark jaw perfect for photos, and giant pachyderms.  What is not to love?

The Butterfly Pavillion was a fabulous sensory experience. After entering a special greenhouse which was toasty warm and humid–just like Miami, we entered the Pavillion and were surrounded by brilliantly-colored butterflies on every surface and a bevy of spectacular blooms.  The butterflies were particularly attracted to the penta flowers throughout the exhibit.  Red ones. Pink ones.  Purple ones. Yellow ones. I have always loved pentas and will replace a few droopy trees in my container gardens with these cheerful blooms this weekend.  And we will wait for the butterflies to visit.